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Since 2002, Tricycle has helped commercial interiors manufacturers, interior designers, and architects work faster with less sample waste.

Tricycle’s award winning technology saves designers and manufacturers time and money in production, merchandising, sampling, and sales. Tricycle continues to lead the industry with Tryk simulated carpet sampling, innovative digital tools, and the expertise to automate the manufacturing process.

Our online design studios allow users to browse a catalog of products and colors from major manufacturers while using powerful, intuitive controls. Explore styles and colors in virtual installations to visualize your designs through the power of Tryk sampling.


Our mission at Tricycle is to create the best simulated imagery for carpet sampling in the industry. We will do this through a partnership with customers and a commitment to solution-based thinking.


To be recognized as the industry leader in simulated imagery.

Problem Solving

Meet the team

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Tricycle products and services have benefited the following

bentley mills
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crossley carpets
langhorn carpets

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Tryk ®

High quality simulations with realistic texture and color; designed to reduce physical carpet sample costs, create less waste, and shorten the product development and sales processes.

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Tryk Products..

Online Tools

Tricycle’s award winning simulation technology is the engine that powers the online tools. With proven versatility, the demands of manufacturers and designers are met through simpler, more responsive processes. Designers can quickly browse styles, create visualizations, and share Tryk samples while manufacturers increase their workflow through improved efficiency, speed and responsiveness.

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Virtual Product Installation (Tryk ® Space)

Preview your carpet selection as an installation to reduce surprises. Choose from our library of room settings or send us your image to create your customized room scene.

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Tricycle integrates multiple sampling and manufacturing processes into a single, automated system to speed response, reduce errors and improve tracking.

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Tricycle offers a comprehensive suite of design software for carpet designers and manufacturers connecting product development and sales with the manufacturing process to reduce duplication errors, cost, and increase speed of service.

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We take innovation personally; we nurture it, build on it and reinforce it as we design carpet sampling solutions for our customers.

At Tricycle, quality starts with our experienced team and unmatched simulation technology.
This commitment to quality has earned the trust of carpet manufacturers worldwide.

We communicate often and honestly with our customers, while listening to their needs and sharing our insights to provide tailored solutions.

Every problem is an opportunity to find your yes. We can’t always avoid problems but with logic, imagination, and systematic reasoning we help customers create the ideal solution.

Sustainability is good for business. Since 2002, Tricycle has provided manufacturers with tools to serve the Architect and Design industry better, with less cost and waste.

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To all our valued customers and friends

As the carpet industry has evolved since 2002 so has Tricycle. Our core products and services have not changed but now work faster with more choices and ways to connect. Our award winning technology is still helping commercial interiors manufacturers, interior designers, and architects get results sooner with less sample waste. Everyday we are still providing solutions to save designers and manufacturers time and money in sample production, and yes Tryk ® will continue to lead the industry with simulated carpet sampling, innovative digital tools and the expertise to automate the manufacturing process. Beyond our core products we have invested in next generation technology that improves client processes through closer integration between sampling and manufacturing.

With these improved products and services we needed a better way to tell you about it and invite you into the conversation. We have redesigned our website, expanded our footprint in social media, and embraced FIND YOUR YES as our message to our customers and fans.

Website:   We refreshed the site to more clearly communicate who we are and what we do. Take a look at our new WHAT page for information about our products and solutions including Online Tools, Tryks, Virtual Product Installations, Software, and Services.   Visit the updated WHO and WHY pages for company insights and to meet the team. Get in touch with us on the CONTACT page with comments, questions and requests for information. Finally, we will continue to keep you updated with our NEWS page where we plan to provide, information, blogs, announcements, association activities, and news.

Social Media:   We are expanding our social media presence beyond Twitter and Facebook, and will soon unveil our new Pinterest, Linkedin, and YouTube sites.

Follow us as we expand our FIND YOUR YES campaign, let Tricycle show you how our tools and services can guide you to final decisions with satisfaction and confidence that you have made the best choices.

With our strong core products, new investments in technology, and continuing innovation Tricycle will continue to be your valuable partner into the future.

Aernout Hetem
President, COO

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North American HQ

1293 Riverfront Parkway
Suite 1293-B
Chattanooga TN
+1 800 808 4809



PO Box 81
UK. BD23 98W
+44 (0) 845 4501 280
+44 (0) 113 3504 966


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